Richmond Landlords Have The Answer To End Homelessness
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there are





Men, Women, and Children

in Richmond, Virginia

and there is a solution.

49% Have Been Homeless for Less than 5 months

The Solution

Homes Before Jobs

  • Idea comes from Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
  • Goal is to help the homeless obtain and retain housing
  • Provides assistance until a person becomes self-sufficient

Housing first programs have seensuccess rates as high as 97% in Richmond, VA. Rapid Re-Housing programs find vacant homes for those in need through a network of landlords. Case Managers guide the homeless through the rental process and monitor them to ensure on-time rent, responsible tenant behavior, and property maintenance. Local agencies subsidize security deposits and rent, and over time financial supports are gradually reduced until the tenant becomes independent.


For communities, Rapid Re-Housing has been proven to:

1. Reduce Crime Rates

2. Increase Property Values

3. Decrease Municipal Costs

2,200 Buildings Registered
1,089 Vacant housing Units

Landlords Based in Richmond Own

The Majority of Vacant Properties

  Housing First Programs :

  • Yield   Higher   Housing   Retention   Rates
  • Lower   Returns   to   Homelessness
  • Reduce   Use   Of Crisis   Service   and   Institutions

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